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Courtney Betty

Mr. Courtney Betty has applied his 20+ years of extensive legal experience in both government and the private sector, especially in the areas of international business development. As a former Crown Attorney at the Department of Justice Canada, Mr. Betty represented the Government of Canada in complex tax, commercial, and litigation matters. He also served the Government of Jamaica as Senior Legal Counsel for the Jamaica Fair Trade Commission. In this role he successfully helped the Government deregulate the telecommunications sector, paving the way for full deregulation of telecommunications in Jamaica. He then joined AT&T where he successfully negotiated a cellular license in Jamaica and lead AT&T's legal and business development strategy. Mr Betty also worked with the Government of Jamaica in developing legislation for a business immigration program in Jamaica. More recently he played the leading role in having the Jamaica Stock Exchange accredited by the Minister of Finance in Canada. This allows for Canadians investing in Companies on the Jamaica Stock Exchange to achieve the same tax breaks as they would when investing in a Canadian company. 

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