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"ANTI-BLACK RACISM Impacts everyone and is pervasive in this country. It's time to have open dialogue and uncomfortable conversations."

THE DIVERSITY AGENCY is a multi-faceted company that specializes in representing Speakers, Training speakers, Diversity & Inclusion training and Strategic Consulting.  


We believe that companies, brands, organizations and governments are better when they reflect society and are diverse. We are a multi-faceted company.  

We’ve connected corporations, institutions & government with members of our communities.  We can help you understand more about how to effectively reach Black Entrepreneurs, Consumers and our communities. 

We are a group of professionals working to change the narrative.  


The team at the Diversity Agency are highly sought after and can help you the bridge the gap between corporations, Government looking to connect with the members in the Black communities. 


Looking for Speakers for your next event? We can help. 

Need Diversity & Inclusion Training? We can help. 

Looking to connect with the various Black communities? We can help. 


We can also help you connect the dots when it comes to connecting with Black consumers, entrepreneurs and the Black communities. We know you want to be diverse and more inclusive and we can help you. We can help your

We represent diverse voices and can match you with speakers for your next event.  We also offer speaker training if you need to speak about diversity issues or if you are speaking diverse audience.

At the Diversity Agency, we believe that companies, brands, organizations and governments are better when they reflect society and are diverse. We are a multi-faceted company.

Looking for Speakers for your next event?  We can help.

Looking for Speaker Training?  We can help.


Clapping Audience

We work with a team of experienced trainers and consultants that can help you implement change in your organization. 

Does your organization have diversity & inclusion plan? The Diversity Agency will work with your organization to understand your business objectives and help you develop a plan that makes sense to your overall strategy. 


We can also help you connect the dots when it comes to connecting with Black consumers, entrepreneurs and the Black communities. We know you want to be diverse and more inclusive and we can help you. We can help your company or organization create brand awareness and connect you with our community in a genuine and meaningful way. You want to connect with our community and not just during Black History Month.  We are educated, have disposable income and live in all parts of the country. In some cases, you’re completely missing out on reaching out to our community and in other cases we make up the majority of your business and sales.  


Are you properly connected to the Black communities? 


That’s why through our consultation process, we take the time to get to know you, and your business and come up with suggestions on how you can connect with Black Entrepreneurs or Black Consumers.


We can help create campaigns that creates brand awareness to the Black communities and can connect you with your consumers in a genuine and meaningful way. We know where you should be marketing and who you should be marketing to. We can help you connect & create brand awareness with our Entrepreneurs, Consumers and members of our communities.


We can help you connect with Black Entrepreneurs & Consumers. Let the Diversity Agency help you create a marketing strategy that connects with the various Black communities. We can help you make meaningful connections with prospective suppliers & customers. 




Unconscious Bias Workshop Facilitators


Our Unconscious Bias & Anti-Black Racism training & workshop was created to help organizations succeed.  We provide you with speakers who specialize in topics of Racial Bias & micro/macro-aggressions in the workplace, and connect them with organizations, events and conferences looking for speakers for their next event or meeting. If you would like to book a training or workshop or book a speaker for your event, please contact us below.


Campaigns & Partnerships

We are now accepting proposals for campaign and brand partnerships for 2021 on a very limited basis. If you’re looking for hands-on, diverse creators, multiple touch points and an ongoing relationship, please reach out with as much detail as possible.


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Jamaican born, Nikki Clarke, is the founder, producer, and host of the multiple award-winning talk show, The Nikki Clarke Show on Afroglobal TV Bell Fibe 2472, Rogers 708, and on Nikki is releasing her fourth book,” 9 Virtues that COVID Taught Me- A Playbook for Never Giving Up” in Winter 2021. Nikki is an ordained lay pastor with over 25 years of experience as a community activist. Nikki is currently an MBA Candidate at the Australian Institute of Business. Nikki is the proud mother of 3 adult children. 

Nikki Clarke

Media Personality

Courtney Betty Photo.jpg

Courtney Betty

Lawyer, Strategic Consultant 

Mr. Courtney Betty has applied his 20+ years of extensive legal experience in both government and the private sector, especially in the areas of international business development. As a former Crown Attorney at the Department of Justice Canada, Mr. Betty represented the Government of Canada in complex tax, commercial, and litigation matters. He also served the Government of Jamaica as Senior Legal Counsel for the Jamaica Fair Trade Commission.


Celina Caesar-Chavannes 

Business Consultant

She currently serves as the Sr. Advisor of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Initiatives and Adjunct Lecturer at Queen’s University.  She is a past member of the Governing Council of the University of Toronto, and also served as member of the Institutional Advisory Board for the Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction, which is part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She is also a member of the Congress of Black Women. 



Andria at Planet Africa Gala-1.jpg


Andria Barrett is a  Champion for Black Entrepreneurs & a Health & Wellness expert teaching people the importance of Blood Sugar Balance - a major factor in preventing prediabetes and creating optimal brain health

Andria Barrett

Champion for Black Entrepreneurs & Nutritionist


Dr. Gill

PhD & Research Consultant

Dr. Gil specializes in enabling organizations to change their cultural perspectives, especially in relation to managing Racial Diversity & implementing Equal Opportunity policies and practices.  Gil has a first degree in Chemistry, a MA (Distinction) in HRM and a PhD in Human Resources and Employment Studies

Vivian Kaye fun headshot.jpg

Vivan Kaye

CEO - KinkyCurlyYaki

Vivian has graced international stages, enlightening entrepreneurs with her sage business advice and riviting stories of overcoming the challenges of running a multi-million dollar eCommerce empire all while balancing life as a single Mom

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